Saturday, January 26, 2008


Ok, Toronto - Way to Go! Many, many thanks to all the people who knit and crocheted things and sent them to us via the Knit Cafe! And, thanks to the Knit Cafe for being a collection point. The inventory, as counted by my children:
45 big kid or adult hats
19 little kid or baby hats
21 pairs of mittens
7 pairs of slippers or socks
37 scarves
7 sweaters
3 blankets.

These things will have a story to tell - picked up by my sister in law, and packed up in a hockey bag with her lucky number, sitting through my husband's meeting before he brought them to Ottawa this week. Now they will go to Anita's, and then shipped on their way to the people who need them! Many hands at work! There are so many beautiful things that I know will bring warmth and comfort to others.

And, that's not all! I dropped in at Yarn Forward today, and they had two bags of things for us. I had to take a photo of this incredible baby dress and sweater. What a lucky child that will wear this one! And a great assortment of blankets, hats, a fun red hat and sweater set, and a cute vest with owls on it, complete with eyes! My six year old summed it up - "There are so many great people out there. It looks like they must be knitting and knitting and knitting. I hope their hands don't get sore."

Thanks also to Yarn Forward for continuing to be a great collection point. I am not sure who is more impressed with the donations - Anita and I or the staff there!

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Justice said...

Ok, I am forty, and looking for something to do (i.e. a good cause) with my growing collection of hand-knit scarves, mitts, and slippers. I'm in Ottawa, living close to one of the drop-off points you've listed here. Thanks for blogging!