Saturday, March 8, 2008

300 + Shipped to Mongolia

Just wanted to let you know about the tally dropped off to Mongolia. Here's the route our boxes take:

Ottawa - New York - Flagstaff - Mongolia

Shipped in these boxes were (drrrrrrrrrrumroll please):

111 pairs of mittens
15 blankets
36 sweaters
146 hats

That, combined with 300 items shipped to Afghanistan and the Innu, gets us to 600. That's so crazy, when we were targetting 100.

I loved packing the boxes - I remembered where we had collected many of the items and the knitters who gave them to us. Each item is so different and so perfect, and I love the fact that we had such a variety of sizes, that we could warm entire families with our cozy stuff.

We've got 1 more shipment to go - with the deadline of March 31st. So if you're out there, go to town, and we'll make sure your stuff gets to Mongolia!

Thanks once again,

Anita and Amy

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