Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good Question, Amanda

Okay, here's an update for all you knitters:

1. Amanda asked what our deadlines are for this year. We're targetting the Innu shipment for Christmas, but honestly, it depends on the amount. We've got a second shipment going March 31st to Mongolian kids through the Dulaan project.

2. I got another email asking: "wool only"? Here's the skinny: we prefer wool because its warm and most of the communities that we ship to don't have washing machines. But if you've only got acrylic, knit with acrylic. If you've got cotton, knit with cotton. We'll find a grateful home for everything you make - money-back guarantee (okay no money but you get the point). The one request we have is no scarves please: socks, hats, mitts, blankets, sweaters - all those work perfectly.

3. We've got another drop-off location. The lovely folks at Knitknackers on James Street in Ottawa have agreed to be a collection site for us. I swear, you go in there, you won't be able to resist buying something. Single balls of Debbie Bliss for $5. Seriously.

4. We're going to be at the Ottawa Knit In at the Experimental Farm on August 3rd. We'll be knitting strips (stripping?), so stop by and say hi.

5. Air Labrador is in again (thanks to our lovely Morris).

6. We mentioned in our last post that we were knitting mainly for the 500 kids age 5 to 15, but we're also knitting for newborns (the blankets you all put together were deeply appreciated in the clinic last year). In addition to that, we've got another community that needs stuff for wee ones (the "under 5" crew) - the items will be distributed through a community outreach program.

Bottom line: you want to make a size 1 hat? We got a place for it. You want to make an adult sized sweater? We got a place for it.

7. When you drop off your stuff, leave a note with your name attached and I'll post a photo on the blog - you make not get your 15 seconds of fame, but your socks will.

And last, thanks to the lovely May, Kate, Jeannine and Amanda. Its great to know that I just need to send the word out into the cyber-void, and you all shout back, "we're in!". More to come.

AB and AB

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