Friday, August 22, 2008

And then I Lost my Needles on the I-95

When we last left this soap opera, Anita was trying to do the work of 12 inch circulars with 18 inch. Knittin Kitten suggested two circs (thanks for the tip! I need more info though - how is that done? Do 18 inchers work?). As I was driving down the I-95 between North and South Carolina, trying to figure out how to do the 2 circs deal, my needles flew out the window.


Bottom line, if you see a pair of 2.75mm on the highway, they are yours to keep.

So after much begging and pleading, Ross drove me to a fabulous yarn store in Myrtle Beach. Its called Knit 'n' Purl. Here's a blog that talks about Phyllis and her crew. She doesn't have a website. Basically, you keep driving until you're sure you're lost - then you're almost there.

Phyllis, said, "Anita, you can do the dpn".

"I can't." I said

"You're doing it." she said. "The first row is the worst".

"Like "the first cut is the deepest"?" I asked.

Phyllis doesn't know Cat Stevens. That's okay.

So here are the results. This is a picture of my boy's foot, along with the yarn. I'm sure in 20 years he'll be explaining to the shrink about the day his mama (yes I'm in Georgia) made him wear girl socks. Right now we're in Savannah, and can't drive any further (thanks Tropical Storm Fay), so I have lots of time to knit.


shirleyknits said...

Ack! Doesn't know Cat Steven?!?

Your sock is looking great so far! You are rockin' the DPNs! Compared to DPNs, the heel flap is much easier. :D

Anonymous said...

Ok, that is why I am not making socks! My holiday knitting consisted of teaching Maddy to knit dishcloths. Sigh. One more thing on the list of things I didn't get done even though I had 7 weeks off work! See you soon, I hope! AB

Donna said...

Thank you so much--I've had my laugh for the day! Picturing someone driving down the interstate while trying to figure out their circular needles, and then having their needles fly out the window--excellent!

Little Knittin' Kitten said...

Well, now that you've got dpns sorted out, 2 circ will be easier to explain. I'll send you a pm later and try to explain it.