Wednesday, February 4, 2009

So, what happened to us?!!

Hello, fellow knitters. So, there is still plenty of winter left in Labrador, really! There are waiting hands to recieve and distribute, through the health centre and the Next Generation Guardians. So, thank you again for your great knitting, generosity and kindness in helping these communities be warmer this winter.
All the best, and may your generosity be returned tenfold!
Amy (one of the ABs)

I am going to work out a playlist for the trip to the airport now and will share the list later. Any suggestions? We are both fans of John Hyatt and Lyle Lovett, so those two will be on the list for sure, and lots of other acoustic and singer/songwriter type stuff.

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Spalfy said...

Congrats! It sounds like you are having great success making the world warmer. Too bad I'm a danger with a knitting needle.