Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kansas, Texas, Jeanine, Suzanne and Alexis

Heyyyy! I can see we're getting close to our first deadline, because we're getting lots of stuff. Just as an aside, we also managed to raise $1000 for new boots to go with those lovely warm knitties that you make. Each pair costs about $29.00 pre-shipping - its amazing how many people say, "yeah, I'll give you $29 for a pair of boots. So here's to you guys. Roll credits:

These come from the lovely Alexis Layton. She sent in 3 hats and 6 (!) blankets. Its hard to see here, but the blankets are kind of a half-circle design.

Suzanne Atkinson is a wonderful supporter - if you want to meet her, Wabisabi in Ottawa, is holding a charity knit-in for us and she is going to try to make it - we'd love to see you there in person. More details on the dates (some time this fall) soon.

Its the Ravelry blanket! For those of you not in the know, we have a very very very active ravelry group. You can see them here. We love our little gang, especially since we've got some easterners in there who post on the weather and what's happening in Labrador. Suzanne asked ravellers to send in squares, which she neatly assembled into a blanket. Lotsa love in those squares...

And here's some more from Suzanne. Suzanne, I do a patchwork blanket too, by knitting blocks together, but I think your assembly is alot neater than mine, by casting on the long side then garter stitching. I'm going to do that next time.

Anne Kahle, love your blankies. Very thick and warm. But girl, you're our first from Kansas and I just can't resist the Dorothy cliches. I will try to stop myself, but I can't promise anything.

Here's Jeannine Turcotte, the sheep-lady. I have always loved her stuff. J, since you asked, the sizes that you did for the hats, mitts and socks are perfect. We're targetting alot of 7 to 14 year olds this time, so these work well. Blankets, will, as usual, go to the clinic, so that works well too.

Jeannine, I love this little sweater. The details on it are amazing, and the zip front is very very cute. Innu kids are born on the biggish side, so I think it will fit a 2 year old.

Did you know that Carrollton, Texas is the home of Vanilla Ice Ice Baby? But much more importantly, its the home of the amazing Kelly Craven, who made these four blankets. Kelly, we have the same taste, because I love the gemtone colour choices.

And last but not least, its the wonderful May Chow of the 31 hats. May, you will warm many a head this winter.

Guys, we love getting your stuff, and you're all entered in the Oceanwinds draw. Whether you send in one thing or many, every little piece is much appreciated. Your hears are huge!



shirleyknits said...

31 hats!! May Chow, you rock!!

Everything looks great! I especially love the blankies. Good work, everyone!

Shirley in London :D

Kelly said...

I'll be looking for those hats on all the little Innu kids that come into the store this winter. I'm getting ready to (finally) send out my shipment tomorrow. I hope to make the Sept deadline, but if not, it'll make December (I hope - the mail isn't that bad here, is it?)

Kelly (from Labrador)

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