Wednesday, January 16, 2013

So Many Boxes and a Fundraiser

This one came from Markham Ontario.  Markham, who are you?

Okay, forgive me.  There are a mountain of boxes and envelopes to open right now - everything is beautiful and though I know that we will collectively ooh and ahh on packing night, because time is of the essence, I'm just going to post photos and creds - I love them all! 

Now before I go off on a tangent (or maybe I'm doing that now...), I just want to draw your attention to a blog called My Knitting Basket.  The gorgeous Sabrina (hint, some of her stuff is here),  is running a fund-raiser.  She's hoping to get $120.00 in Canadian Tire money.  Now let me tell you, CT $ is like gold to Warm Hands.  No wait, its better than gold:  its boots.  We're going to use the CT money to buy some boots for the kids.  Boots and hand-knit socks make the most incredible gift to a Northern child.  Its like saying, "I care that your feet are warm and dry.  You are important."  So Sabrina will gladly take your CT bucks, and next September, you'll be sending a great message to a Northern kid.

Close-up of Markham's hat because I loved the label.

These two are from Wendy Lindquist of Jersey City.  Wendy, thank you!  These are perfect for a 5-6 year old.

And this arty photo is captioned:  "17 hats and 2 socks".  The address was Waterloo but the name is a mystery...

Two pairs of socks from Vivienne Shishkakly (Muffy) of St. Lazare QC.  This is not Vivienne's first time giving to Warm Hands.  Thanks for coming back, Muffy!

Pile'o' socks from Kathleen Walling of Bedford NS (Kathleen01 on rav).  I liked the turn of the heel so much that I took a close-up, below.  Thank you, K!

Bonnie Belanger is also a Warm Hands vet - Bonnie, everything was bagged and labeled - rather than pull things out and mix them up, I just took out one item, the neckwarmer, being worn by our spokesmodel, above.

Tons of hats, contributed by the lovely Sabrina of Mississauga.  Sabrina has a whole knitting collective producing for her.

And finally more hats by Muffy.  Thanks again everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the mention for my CT$ fundraiser for Warm Hands! ... even though I've only been doing this for a couple weeks, I'm already up to $7! (Which may not sound like a lot, but it's a great start!)

I figured out that in order to reach $120, I need to average a collection of $15 in CT$ a month - so they way I see it, I'm practically half way to this month's average!

Anyway, to all who are interested, please feel free to contact me via ravelry - I'm "knitphomaniac" there!