Monday, September 9, 2013

From Japan and MA and QC and ON to Nunnavut

Update:  folks this blog post didn't seem to work very well, so I'm adding the photos in again - not sure if you can see them this time:

Can you tell that I've got a new computer and am struggling?  I require training!  I think reading this post may be a bit like solving a puzzle, sadly: you've got pictures, you've got captions but what goes with what?  Right now we're packing big boxes as we've got an opportunity to ship 2 "calling card" boxes up to Nunnavut with some physicians going north.  I'm trying to connect with an amazing nurse out there, 'cause who knows what could happen...

Linda Golding of Hadley MA, I packed most of your items up for Nunnavut.  Thank you!
Jean Sweezie of Kingston - thank you very much for the vests (below) the boots (sorels no less!) and the wonderful socks.

Some cute little hats by Kathy of Montreal.

And a beautiful Obassan hat collection.  Obassan, I put all of these in for the elders.  These are the best, warmest hats.  Loved the needles, by the way.  We're talking to one of the communities to see if they are interested in taking on some crafting stuff, so they will come in handy.
Another scarf by Obassan.  Obassan is actually the ravname for  Barbara Dreher, a transplanted Canadian living in Japan.  We love her 'cause she's prolific.

Obassan, my girl is modelling a combo of your lap blanket, scarf and hat.  Thanks once again for being part of the team!

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