Sunday, February 2, 2014

Opening and Packing Night

Hi everyone,

Lots of news and I'm not sure where I left off so forgive me if I repeat myself:

1. We had an opening and packing night on Friday - crazy fun.  Suzanne, Jeanine, Carlene and I opened stuff, admired stuff, organized stuff and ate stuff (not the same stuff).  Here are a couple of pix:

2.  We sent up 2 more big boxes with the doctors in January.  Here are a few pictures one of the doctors took when they dropped off our last set of items.  Desolate and beautiful but looking very cold.

3. Yesterday, we got 2 other boxes out the door: one to Igloolik: we've never shipped there before but I received a lovely request from someone living in the community.  She mentioned that there are several orphans in the community and she was wondering if we could help out.  We also sent a box to the Children's First Society.

4.  The doctors are going up again in June and I think we'd ship with them again.  There may be other opportunities to send "intro boxes" to some communities (maybe Northern Quebec?).  We shall see what the year will bring!

5. Okay, here is what we opened on Friday:

These sweet sweaters and the 24 (!) vests below were sent to us by Nandini from Brooklyn NY.  Nandini, you are prolific.

These socks and hats and mittens were created by Jeanine Turcotte (Rav name Douce Aubergine)

Eliza of Vancouver created the hat and neckwarmer combinations.  Eliza, I'm guessing the weather in Vcvr is nicer than it is here...I heard the flowers are out.

Jackie Lambert (jcl on Rav) has been a prolific contributor.  You know I love me some socks!

Lynn of Scarborough (Her blog is Minding my Own Stitches) is here.

Lynn, I loved the detail on the blanket so much that I took a close-up.

Some lovely donor from Wool n Things in Ottawa provided these items.

Clarione Delaney from Laurel MD knitted these two hats.  The one on the left is super-soft.

Hats and socks and mittens from Robin (rav name "rej" from Ottawa.

Hats, mitts and socks from a mysterious benefactor in Qualicum BC

Penguin hats.  Adorbs!  By Sabrina Thompson of Missisauga ON

Trish from Alberta made the purple hats and the lovely shawl.

...And 5 hats from Oakville ON

Hats from Waterloo Ontario - thank you!

I added this closeup because the tag was so nice...

Peggy from Oakville are these yours?

Peggy from Oakville, another nice collection of your stuff - I liked the story about the vest - there's a close-up below.  Thanks so much!


Anonymous said...


The photo of the hats are not mine. I sent one box, which was the vest, mitts, neck warmers, etc.
What a wonderful collection of hand knits.

Peggy from Oakville

Carlene said...

Thanks Peggy! We try to keep things straight when we are opening stuff but it gets very chaotic. There is lots of stuff going on at once and we all seem to be going in different directions. Ah well... the important thing is the items get sorted and the boxes packed up to go out the door.


Anonymous said...

A great collection of items! I'm glad the penguin hats I sent in arrived on time, I was worried that I had sent it too late. Great work from all the contributors, what great colours!

- Sabrina from Mississauga, ON
(knitphomaniac on ravelry)

never not broken said...

I am interested in donating and mailing some hats but am unclear about the process and address to which these should be sent. I couldnt find a contact or email link on your page.
If you would like you can send me an email with information to

Anonymous said...

People make the most amazing stuff and it's lovely! I'm certain it's so appreciated. BTW - I think the extra pic of hats may be mine (from Waterloo). They are the non-machine washable ones so don't have the same tags as the rest of the box. Printer broke and I wanted to get them sent off to make the Jan 30th deadline.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the photos, glad my items arrived safely!

- Eliza