Wednesday, June 4, 2014


That's the only way to describe it, when you open up 4 boxes and inside are lovely knitted things but also 4 of the sweetest notes you'd ever want to read.  Ladies I feel I know you all personally, and your notes just speak to me!  I also love all of the little labels on the stuff - I do believe that the labels with your names and locations touch both the grown-ups and the kids that much more.  So great for them to read that there is someone in Vancouver, or Washington or Montreal or Toronto who is thinking of them.

Roll tape!

Jackie Lambert (rag tag icl) can be counted upon to send us at least one box for each shipment -  Jackie I loved the notes, and took a picture of one of them below. 

These lovely neck and head-warmers came from Melanie Achen (mwachen on rav) from Burnaby BC.  Rockin' the purple.

Peggy Wallace of Oakville (drpeg on revelry) made the hats above, and also the socks, mittens, neck warmers etc below.  

I took a closeup of drpeg's fasteners because they looked so northern to me!

And this I love - Kara Mcalyle(aka kalyle) made this blanket that is a revelry squares community effort.  Thanks very much to square-creators: penny (Burlington), Andrea "aclark4" (Ottawa), Plentimawfish (Waterloo), Marlene "constantmac" Ottawa and Betsy "yarn habit (NY).  The note attached gives all of the names and says "This blanket was pieced together during the winter olympics, with contributions from many stitchers.  We hope you enjoy it."
See why I captioned this post "Sweetness"?  

The mittens come from Elaine, Kara's mom, rag "cheatelaineboothe".  Thanks, Elaine!

And finally more stuff from Kara - love the baby booties, Kalyle!

So I've got an email out to the doctors to let them know that we are ready when they are ready.  It may be a balmy 25 degrees here but in Pond Inlet, its 5 degrees, and in Arctic Bay its -5.  Your stuff is appreciated year-round.  Thanks again to everyone for contributing!

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