Monday, March 16, 2015

Tyler's Hat Project

Tyler was the grand-son of one of our most prolific knitters, Karen.  Karen's been contributing to our project since almost the very first day.  Tyler passed away last summer, much too young.

I thought that we could do a hat project in Tyler's memory.  Here's the idea: if you're looking at your stash, and thinking about making a hat, we'd love it if you would use purple (Tyler's favourite colour) or blue (the colour of his eyes) as your main colour, and weave in other colours.  It would be a nice way to pass a good thought from one young man to some children in the North.  Any hats that we receive in those colours will be photographed together before they are boxed and shipped to a community.

Karen wrote a bit about Tyler, below.   I think he would have been pleased with the idea that kids in the North were wearing his hats.

He was born in Red Deer Alberta and grew up in Russell, Manitoba.  He was a delightful little boy, very happy, a bit shy, and very curious.  I loved the time he asked me to teach him needle point, by the time he tackled it for about 20 minutes, he agreed with me that it was a LOT of work!  He loved pumpkin pie and became quite an expert on pie crust and who made the best one.
He was very very close with his sister, Cody, they were less than 2 years apart and were always together.  He took very good care of her.
I don’t know what I could write, I guess that to me, he was an angel, here on Earth.  A good, good person.  He thought of and did for others, out of the goodness of his heart.  He is so so missed.  The sadness is great and doesn’t seem to want to leave.  Our whole family is very happy about this hat project, it will honour our Tyler and hopefully bless others with lovely warm gifts from the heart.

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