Tuesday, June 19, 2007

First Post

Well, we're on our way. We are two old friends, both turning 40 this year. Our challenge was to find something to do to mark this year. The turn of the millenium was lost in more significant events, like pregnancies and babies. Turning forty, well, this is something to remark on. And, so, a blog. To remark on the remarking, really.

But, what are we really up to? Shamelessly asking for fellow knitters to help us fill a shipment of knit garments to send to Afghanistan. A small thing to help people in a country at a terrible time. No political commentary here, though.

We started in the neighbourhood. Yarn Forward here in Ottawa, just down the road, has agreed to act as a depot for knitting. You can drop off finished garments to either of their stores. A great store with a big heart. If you need yarn to knit or crochet something to send to Afghanistan, they have even set aside some yarn for us!

More later... on soccer season, knitting, friendship, and more details about helping us out.

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