Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jeannine's Makin' Socks and May is the Hat Lady

Jeannine Turcotte and May Chow have got to be some of our power-knitters. May, we'll get pictures up of your stuff ASAP. Jeanine dropped off some beautiful sockies and a hat. The socks will go to Northern Labrador and keep some Innu feet warm at night. We hear that they are really looking forward to the shipment. We also received a couple of pairs of mittens from Ruth - Ruth, thank you, they are beautiful. Apparently, once they get shipped up north, they will be fitted with a caribou shell and will be worn during many of those cold morning walks to school.

By the way, I stopped by a little store called Knit Knackers on James street today. It is unbelievable! They've got bins of bits and pieces that I absolutely could not resist. We're talking Debbie Bliss and Rowan for $2.99 per ball. I went bananas.
Here's a sample
Some other good news: Amy and I have all the beautiful stuff you've sent us spread out on the floor in one of my rooms. We realized that I way underestimated what we've collected so far. We hven't done the formal tally yet, but we're thinking that between the items we've already shipped and the ones we've received so far, we must have hit the 300 mark. Shocking! Keep on knitting, Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal, and we'll nail 500.


May said...

Holy Cow, those prices are amazing!

btw, I've got a hat to donate but not sure where they are still picking up in Toronto? If not, can I send it straight to you?


AB&AB said...

Hi May,

You can drop the hat off at our sites in Toronto before December 31st. They are Knit Cafe, Knitomatic, Nathalie-Roze and Company and Sew Be It. If its easier to mail, just fire me an email and I'll send you my mailing address.