Sunday, November 4, 2007

Toronto to Ottawa, the first leg

The boxes, bags and baskets of knitted and crochet things have arrived! Joyce brought them this afternoon, the first leg of the journey from Creativ to Labrador. Thanks again, Joyce! And Alice - I will return the rubbermaid bins, promise! I am really not sure how we would have made the train otherwise! It was hard enough to go to work monday morning after such a weekend, I can't imagine if we had missed that train!

So - what's next? Hmmm - finishing stitching and crocheting squares into blankets - a task that we were able to get a good start on at the show. We'll post an inventory and more photos before packaging the items and getting them to the waiting hands at Air Labrador, and on to the communities in time for Christmas distribution.

It is lovely to see the pieces again - I have great memories of Dani working full speed to help us get packed up and kindly encouraging us to make a plan and get to Union Station! The packing job was great, Dani! And Lori - anytime you want to pick up squares to stitch together, just call! There are lots!

I was showing my parents this evening, talking about the amazing kindness - one knitter with 20 hats and a hat&sweater set. A lovely fan and feather afghan. Sitting with and being inspired by the women from the Angel Hugs Network. Denise's beautiful mitred squares - no wonder she is Dr. Knit at the DKC! An old friend of my mother's is waiting for an appointment with an oncologist, so I packed up a bag of items for her to see - Wanietta's knitted contest square, Stephanie's square of crochet which she did at our booth (I have to say the yarn at the booth was far superior!), some hats and some of the lovely sweaters. So, even before they head to Labrador, the knitting will bring warmth!

On a separate note, good luck to Liz tomorrow at the Giller Awards!

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