Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Aexis of London, Barbara of Kizugawa City (seriously)

News news news - I'm not sure where to start, so I'll start with the photos:

These are hats made by Alexis of London. Alexis, I love the pattern. Care to share??

Barbara, an expat Canadian living in Japan, made 25 of these little numbers for Mongolia. I love the reversibility of them! My boy said he didn't want to take it off, and why can't we keep the stuff that people send?

This is the same hat turned inside out. This is his expression, when I say, "because we can't".

A photo of all 25 numbers together (all reversible, I might add!).

Okay, other bits and pieces:

1. I've got a box waiting for me at the post office. As soon as I pick it up, log it in and take photo's, we'll have the fabulous draw for the fleece artist yarn.

2. Here's the biggest news:

I talked to Lorraine in the biggest of the two Innu communities. Guess what? All the items were distributed and are warming hands, and toes and heads right now! I think the folks up there have been really surprised by your generosity. I asked whether they want us to continue and the answer is a resounding yes. So here are the new requests from Lorraine:

The community gets its first big snow by the end of October, so they are wondering if we can send the stuff in sooner. I think maybe we need to start thinking about split shipments

They asked for (in order of priority):

1. socks

2. mittens

3. baby blankets (all the blankets you made have already gone out to new babies, but they have 35-40 new babies each year, and they'd like to make sure that every child has a blanket).

4. hats

They also need boots for the kids, and that's what we've got to put our brains to next. They need about 100 pairs of boots for kids between the ages of 7 and 11. If anyone knows an organization that can donate boots, pass me the lead, and I'll do something about it.

I just wanted to drop you that little note because I thought it was incredible - each one of you that contributed to that shipment has already had a direct impact on a kid, 'cause they are wearing your stuff already.

Let that thought keep you warm tonight!


Not ready for handspun said...

Any guidelines for fiber content for baby blankets?

Anonymous said...

What size socks and mittens are most needed? Babies, toddlers, children, teens?

ALEXIS said...

Is there any way we could see some photos of them wearing our stuff? I'd love to have a mental image to know I've made someone happy.

AB&AB said...

Unfortunately, its tricky, because we're so far away, and its hard to get in touch with the community. You're right, it would be inspiring, though!