Friday, April 3, 2009

And the Winner Is....

Kara Lefevre of Quebec City! Congrats, Kalyle, I will be sending you your lovely Fleece Artist yarn soon. Thanks to everyone for submitting your name, address and info for the draw.

Should we do another one?

We got a package today from Teri of Englewood, Florida. Teri, I have to say that I love the fact that you addressed the envelope to "The Warm Hands Network, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada", and it got to us. Canada Post, this Bud's for you! I have to also say that you know what little girls like, because my own girl's eyes opened wide when she saw the hats and mittens you sent in. Everything has a girly touch to it, with the little sparkly trim and pom poms. My photo doesn't do them justice, but these are my favorites.

Okay, to answer the questions of some of our readers, the items for the next Innu shipment can basically be any size, though the community would really like stuff for the age 5 to 17 crew.

They'd also like blankets for the babies again - those are a huge help, because there are many many young new mothers in the community. Scarves: we don't really ship 'em. We've got a limited budget and we want to spend shipping dollars on those items that will be used the most, and that the community requested.

In terms of materials: wool is best. For both Mongolia and the Innu, we're looking for warmth over washability (is that a word?).

Okay, finally, in other news, Wabi Sabi is a funkster of a store in Ottawa. Its more than just yarn (though the yarn is absolutely incredible - wierd stuff that I have never seen before, and absolutely beautiful). They also carry rovings, and little kits (my daughter and I just made the cutest little felted flower from a kit there - they are kind of like this one from Feltwerker at etsy:

), and these incredible handmade, uncolored silk things (they call them hankies but they are bigger than any hankies I've ever seen), that you kind of hand-paint yourself. I'm going to try to post pics of the store at some point, because you have to see it. Its the store I would have, if I had a million dollars.

Sometimes I get a bit off topic, but I do have a point, and here it is: Wabi-sabi is going to be our newest partner. So you can drop off your stuff there (I'm going to put up a poster with them).

Stay tuned, because they are going to run a charity knitting workshop soon, and guess who the featured charity will be?

Cool, eh?

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angella said...


just found your fabulous site from one of my favourites (life with sheep) and am sorry that i missed your last two projects!

i'd love to keep in touch and enthusiastically promo you on my site as well as participate in future endeavours. I’m located in northern Alberta about 20 min away from the closest town, deep in the boreal forest, but can most certainly mail items to you when I get them done. just let me know the “proper” way to do this (as you have much more experience than i) and we can get the ball rolling 