Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alix, Maria, Jeanine, Daphne, Julia, May and Peggy


Look at all the fab stuff I picked up in Ottawa and from Canada Post (May, we'll have pictures of your stuff up here shortly!).
From Alix in Toronto. Alix, you didn't give me your address, but I got your email so I'll put you in the next draw.

Okay, next from Maria Koulis, the felting queen - Queen Maria, every time I look at one of the felt hats, I try to figure out how you did it - I'm trying to make a felted painting and I can't get the colours to blend. What's the secret? My plan is to sell it for two THOUSAND dollars (said a la Dr. Evil) and buy the boots for the Innu kids. I may have to come up with a Plan B - still looking for ideas....

Jeanine Turcotte is the sheep-lady - she used to raise sheep, but now she just raises sweaters. Jeanine, I took a close up of this particular sweater, because the buttons on it are going to make some little boy very happy - planes and horses - what more could you want?

Right here is Daphne Edmunds work from the Ottawa Knitting Guild. Amy tells me she just picked up 20 more pairs of mittens from Daphne this week - thanks for being on our team, Daphne (I heart my librarian ;)

And over here, its Julia Yeung of the OKG who makes these very cute creations (I'm thinking for the 3-7 age set).
And finally, Peggy Holton of the OKG - cute stripes!

I can't go without mentioning sweet Suzanne who did a chat about us at the Guild meeting this week. Suzanne was one of the first ladies who put her hands up two years ago and said, "I'm in - Amy and Anita are having their mid-life crisis, and I will knit hats for them!". Thanks S for everything you do. To see Suzanne's princess hat pattern, link up here.

Okay, if I've missed out on anyone, its not from lack of love. Send me an email and I will see if I can dig through and find a note or a label or something with your name on it.

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