Sunday, February 14, 2010

Thanks Wool-Aid!

So around December, Terry from Wool-aid contacted me. She has a great Rav group - basically she and her knitting posse produce massive amounts of stuff for a variety of projects, then she coordinates the packing, shipping and delivery.
This week, I got 50 pounds of stuff. Here are the snaps, graciously created by Terry. The Ravelry posse includes:
abby100, caitysmom, Caryn, cinderga, dobiegirl, geekgirl, greyhoundsknit, JCL, kirbanita, kjschwartz, knitanne, lambylady, lisabeedesigns, lismi, margaretg, Memaknits, mlb, moomsy, morningthunder, redheadeb, vmtknits, Wolle, zuelene
Above and below is a lovely arty collage (much nicer than me spreading out stuff on the kitchen floor):

Speaking of hats, Carleneruns has been a huge supporter of Warm Hands. Carlene, when we were packing up the boxes today, I was thrilled as usual about your blankets. You make me want to crochet. Carlene is being interviewed by the Crochet Guild of America (okay check me if I'm wrong, Carlene) about her crochetting, and in particular all of the hats she's made for Warm Hands. Here is the hat pattern that she used for us (this is just 1 of a massive stash of her stuff going to Labrador in this shipment):