Sunday, February 7, 2010

Patricia and Janet

I got some lovely parcels from Patricia of Toronto (I think this is your second shipment to warmhands, right?), and Janet of Fredricton.

So the picture above and below are from Patricia's House of Knits. My grouchy daughter is modelling the balaklava (see how she's shooting me the googly-eye?), because I thought they were great, and a photo on the kitchen table doesn't do them justice.

Below are the items from Janet of New Brunswick. Janet is awesome, both because she makes super warm stuff (the thrummed mittens to the right are like wearing your pillows), but she's also a great commenter/contributer to the rav site which I must say is a big way that we've been able to raise awareness and contributions for the Innu project. Thanks for your sweet note, Janet!

Finally, for all you American contributors out there, who shipped through Wool-Aid to us - just got an email from Terry who tells me that the items are boxed, and I should be getting them shortly! Here is a pic she sent me:

I haven't mentioned the Dulaan project - we are still planning a Cdn shipment to Dulaan this year. I got this great link from Olyweaver which shows the distribution of items via Dulaan in Dec 2009 (some of your items were probably distributed in that shipment!).

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