Saturday, January 30, 2010

Things are arriving!

You're not seeing extra images - three plain white bags with simple white tags, and the work of an industrious woman - 20 mittens, 20 toques and 20 slippers! Wonderful!

One very thoughtful knitter donated some space bags. These will be very handy for Anita and I as we pack up the boxes over the next short while - we are determined to get as much as we can in each box, and these will be great! Thank you for these, and the very cuddly warm blankets they came with.

I am sure a little one will love to play pirates with this sweater on! And, check out the socks!

Check out this great stuff! Hats, socks (oh my), scarves, blankets, slippers... wonderful talent out there, and such generosity!

Thank you, one and all.

These are from some talented women in Little Britain. I used to work near there, and learned a lot from some volunteers from Little Britain and Lindsay. A beautiful area, full of giving people!

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