Monday, January 4, 2010

What do Fort Collins Colorado and Merritt BC have in Common?

You were going to say mountains, right? I'll tell you what they have in common: they are the homes of fabulous knitters. Check out these hats from Merritt.

And what about the beautiful blanket and vests from Joan Briar of Colorado? They are extra warm and cuddly. Joan, we got it, and there was no customs charge - very crafty of you to put a value of $5 on there, even though I know your stuff is priceless.

We also picked up a wack of stuff from Wool 'n' Things in Ottawa. I really love those guys. The lovely Gisele has also said that she's willing to keep on collecting after the January date. Yay Gisele!

Unfortunately, I see no nametags in the stuff dropped off to Wool 'n' Things, but I wanted to show you the amazing blanket that some beautiful, generous knitter put together, above.
So how were your holidays? We have fun in sunny California with the extended fandamily. We have a saying: "if nobody cries, it ain't Christmas". Christmas day went something like this:
Anita (to her 4 year old niece, Jasmine): Jasmine, please take that penny out of your mouth.
Jasmine: No.
Anita: Please, I don't want you to choke.
Jasmine: Why do I have to take it out?
Anita: Because if you swallow it, that's it. No more Jasmine.
Jasmine: AHHHHHHHHHHHHH! (then wets her pants).
New holiday saying: "If Anita doesn't clean pee off the floor, it ain't Christmas.".
Hope your holidays were swell. Best wishes to all of our Warm Hands partners in the New Year!

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patchwork said...

Nice concept of making small squares and then joining them together.You are knitting a lot...that is a very good time spent.