Sunday, January 24, 2010

Post #1 - Jeanine and the gang from Ottawa

I have not even posted a third of the stuff that we got here, but here's a bunch of stuff I picked up from Knit-Knackers and Yarn Forward.

My cute but shy cousin, Ritu, is putting out the socks of Aubergine's mommy, Jeanine the sheep lady. Jeanine has been in this with us since Day 1 - we love you, girl!
Okay there were so many amazing things that came in the mail last week. Check out the next 2 posts below for more.


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Michèle said...

The pattern is Crochet Back-loop Sweater (can be found on Ravelry) and I used Knit Picks Shamrock in Kelley (the colourway is now discontinued). It was a breeze to make. Yes, you can call me cupcake.