Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Knitting Ladies

I know not all of you are on Ravelry, so I thought I'd add this note here as well:

More news: I talked to Lorraine, in Sheshasuit this morning. I have to say, its so nice now. When we first started the project, I think the community was a bit wary - they have been through this before, I get the sense. Now that we’ve got a couple of years worth of shipments under our belt, its like they kind of trust us. Lorraine (who is a woman of few words) just giggled when I said we get stuff for the Innu kids from the US and Japan now, as well as all over Canada. So the conversation went like this:

Anita: Hi, its Anita, the -
Lorraine: Knitting lady (laugh)
Anita: Hey, how did it go with the the last shipment we sent?
Lorraine: Oh its all gone. The kids are wearing it now. Everything is gone. We gave out most everything at the clinic, and we took some of the hats and mittens to the school, and they all went fast.
Anita: Great! So Lorraine, are we shipping too much? We don’t want to overwhelm you…

Lorraine: Its not too much. Its all used. I’ll tell you when its too much.
Anita: Okay so February? I’ll get it to Goose Bay - you get it the rest of the way.
Lorraine: Yep
Anita: And next September?
Lorraine: Yep
Anita: You rock, Lorraine. You are so awesome! Thanks for doing this!
Lorraine: Thank you, knitting lady (laugh laugh)! and hangs up.

So I don’t know if Lorraine has a camera, but next time I will ask her, and see if she can email a photo or two that I can post - not sure if it will work, but I’d love to see some of the stuff on the kiddies.
Thanks to all you “knitting (and crochet) ladies”!

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