Sunday, March 28, 2010

Carolyn H of Ottawa

Hey everyone,
So I dropped by Yarn Forward last week, and they present me with three big new bags full of stuff. As happy as I was, I am dearly hoping that you folks dropped off the items after our deadline, 'cause I just got them. They will certainly go into the September shipment.
So first, here's CarolynH's stuff. She has a great blog and takes her knitting to a level I will never be capable of (I'm also not capable of good grammar - check the dangling modifier).

On the left are Elann Peruvian socks made out of Highland Wool.

I took a close-up of this hat because it was so pretty. The reverse is wayyyy neater than any intarsia I am capable of - 0 lumps! This is "Mireille" using Cascae 220 Wool.

And below is a picture of the intricate Serenity pattern, again with the Cascade Superwash. The hat is a pattern called Filiage mde with Andy's Merino and lined, no less.

I took the picture below because I think I've got a thing for noro. These are Mitered Mittens in Noro Silk Garden. Okay, I admit, I tried them on. Its like being swathed in handcreme.

Thanks Carolyn H - Don't know how you fit this in, in between the kitchen reno (done that, never again), but you're amazing!

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