Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Count from March

I just realized that I never did post the count from the March Innu shipment, so here it is:

Socks: 108 pairs
Blankets: 22
Hats: 218
Sweaters/vests: 56
Mittens: 62

Thanks to each and every one of you, and here's to the September 2010 shipment!

Anita and Amy


Anonymous said...


What is the yarn preference for the baby blankets?

AB&AB said...

Hi there Anonymous - we prefer 75% wool, and bright, not light, colours. I would say that these items are unlikely to see a washing machine, so warm is best, and something that doesn't show up dirt easily.
Thanks for asking!

Anonymous said...

Is there sonewhere in Vancouver, BC where I could drop off a baby blanket for the Innui Project? said...

Nope, sorry. You can either send the blanket by snailmail to us (see sidebar for address). Or you can drop it off at elann in vancouver and they will ship it to dulaan for mongolia.