Sunday, November 20, 2011

Erin of Waterloo and Kwedzo of Rankin Inlet

So last week I received a mystery box from Waterloo.  It contained 4 lovely scarves:

I don't know what the stitch is on this one but I love it.

Then last Friday, I received an email message from Erin McKee of Waterloo.  Mystery solved.  Thanks, Erin.

I also wanted to share a super-sweet note I received from the Executive Director of the daycare in Rankin Inlet.  This year, we shipped over 50 blankets to them, and our US partner, Wool-Aid, committed to making the hats and mittens.  Our goal was to provide a blanket for nap-time at the school, and hats and mittens for each child.  We reached our goal, and the lovely Kwedzo sent us the following message:

Hi Terry & Anita,
I want you to know that everything has been received and distributed to all three daycare in Rankin Inlet. Permissions have been sent out to parents for the picture taking and I will send you back the camera as soon as we finish taking the pictures. I can see the happiness in the face of the daycare staff and children when they received the packages. The children will really enjoy having and wearing them. Thank you very much for you donation and it is the first time such an important donation of wool items has been made in Rankin Inlet.
Once Again, Thank you,

I have to say, that little note made the whoooole thing worthwhile.

Thank you to our sponsor, First Air and to all you Warm Handers out there!

So the next knitting deadline is roughly Jan 15th.  I'd like to get items up to Moosonee for the end of Jan.  Last year, the temp dipped to -45, and I think they will very much appreciate your great stuff.


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