Monday, November 14, 2011

Yvonne's Moosonee Adventure

First the good news:  Oh my gosh, the house actually is normal again.  A final set of boxes went to Shesatsuit this weekend and it feels quite calm.

Now the slightly less good but nevertheless good news:  Yvonn of Minnesota:  unfortunately I got your box for Moosonee after the shipment went out.  Here's the thing though:  I totally understand that you'd like the items to go there, so I am planning a shipment of gently used winter outerwear in the next 2 weeks.  I am going to include your items in that shipment - hope that's okay!

The pictures are below but I wanted to add an abbreviated version of Yvonn's letter which is so cute:

"This cardi has a special story:

I've started visiting my parents in Europe every year, and so flying from Minneapolis to Amersterdam, I am hooked on watching the plane's route over Canada, Greenland, etc., and I find myself wondering who lives down there and what it looks like, and what their lives are like.  I've noticed that there aren't a lot of spots on the map with names, so figured it was probably not that populated which makes sense for colder climates. 

I've been a member of the Warm Hands Innu Knits group for awhile, although had not yet contributed.  It turns out they now also donate to the town of Moosonee which my route takes me almost directly over.  And how cool would it be to be knitting an item for someone living below while I'm on that plane this time (April 2011 trip)?

And then I made the matching hat on the way back (when the in-flight tracker did work but we took a route much further west, thus not flying over Moosonee).  Okay I will be trying again next year, as I am determined to be knitting for someone in Moosonee while KNOWING I'm flying over it or at least close to it!!!"

Yvonn, I gotta think that when you are knitting directly over a place that is going to source your stuff, there's extra karma in that cardi.  I know you call it the chesapeake baby ballroom cardi but I am christening it the karma cardi.  Thanks so much.

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