Sunday, January 24, 2016

Packing Night Jan 2016

It was a chilly packing night - lots of chatter, photographing, sorting, boxing, vacuuming and taping.  Soon your beautiful things will be on a wonderful Canadian North plane to Jimmy Hikok school and to Cape Dorset.

In the interest of brevity, I'm just going to list names and towns below, for the contributions we hadn't photographed yet.  They are all so beautiful!

Thank you to my packing night gems: Carlene, Suzanne, Rebecca, Catriona, Claire, Jeanine.  I love you all.


These vests were completed by M Horsburgh of Point Edward ON

There were several items above and below sent in by Janet Wright of Fredericton: hats by Ali,  neck warmers by Ann, socks by Janet and Colleen and mittens by Janet.  Thank you!

Hats above and sweaters below by M Bradford of Ottawa

Bonnie Belanger of Ottawa, thank you!

Jeremy D in BC made these 3 pairs of socks.  Jeremy is also our graphics guy - thank you!

Cathy Kihle of Sarnia ON made these mittens and socks

A "before" picture - of maybe 30% of the stuff we were boxing and packing this weekend.

The hats, socks and mittens were made by Bonnie Belanger as well.

I think that this was a stack of stuff made and dropped off at KnitKnackers

Puppy is trying to help.

The hats (50!) made by Nandini of Brooklyn NY.  Nandini I'm sure the items will be well appreciated!

Linda Rogers of Haileybury sent in these items on behalf of her crafting group.  Thank you Linda.

These items came in from Karen Zorn of SK.  

Another set from KnitKnackers!

This blanket came in from Claire who is also modelling it.  Good job, Claire!

Carlene is also modelling this blanket.  Thanks!

The blanket and neck warmers come from Carlene Sr from London ON

More knitknacker hats!

Mitts and a hat/mitten set from our new friend Rebecca.

The baby blankets, mitts and socks also come from Knitknackers

The green socks on the bottom come from Jeanine (Douce Aubergine)

…and here is Jeanine herself!

More from Jeanine!

atopbing (Anna) of Morrisburg made the socks below (she had never made them before!), the pink hat and more socks.

Dorothy Langill thank you for the vests

Catriona/Bloocanoe made the mittens, socks and slippers here.  She is also a sorter/bagger/vacuumer extraordinaire.

These two bags stuffed with blankets and toys came from the Huntsville ladies, Karen McCaskill, Bernice Smith, Janet Smith.  Thank you!

The hats, mittens, sweater, toothbrushes came from Wen the Knitter , our maven.

….and superwarm neck warmers by the same Wen.

…first we squeeze….
…then we vacuum

….then we take a break.  Ahhhhhh.

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