Tuesday, January 12, 2016

WentheKnitter's BFF, Doctor Peg, apenny, Muffy and more...

You've done it again:

The cupboards were bare in August, and they are once again full of your beautiful items, just waiting to be shipped.  Here we go:

penny of Burlington ON sent in these three neck warmers and socks.  Apenny, I think you've been with us for awhile, haven't you?

But here's a newbie!  Thanks Khamc from London ON.

You can always count on Karen Zorn of Bredenbury, SK with her socks, hats and nekwarmers.  She knits thick.  I'm guessing that the SK winters are on the cooler side as well.

Rav Muffy of Saint-Lazare, QC: thank you for the cute pink hate and socks.

DoctorPeg of Oakville always includes the best cards.  Some of these items were knit by her and some were knit by her mom Aileen.  Thanks, Doctor Peg!

Doctor Peg also made these items.  The blue and grey cowl is my favourite - I couldn't help but wonder at the back end of it.  Doctor Peg, how are you so neat?

Jeannette Burr of Oshawa ON, first time contributor, thank you!   Jeannette created sets and boxed them up.  They were so well organized that I didn't want to open them all to photograph so I just took a picture of a subset below.

These blankets were made by a mystery contributor and dropped off at Yarn Forward.  I took pics anyways because the person used our tags, so clearly she knows the WHN story.  Or maybe its a he?  Mystery!  Update:  Are these from you, aclark4?

So WentheKnitter, a long-time contributor posted about WHN on her on-line bulletin board at work, and Paulette's mother Joan contributed the following.  Thing I really like about these hats is that they all cover ears.  Way to go, Joan.

And then Wentheknitter posted again, and got these hats made by Ruth at her work...

And then WentheKnitter's BFF, Craft Ellam (Christine) made all of these - her second contribution to WHN.

Wen, you win the January 2016 maven award.

I will post photos of boxes unpacked and packed next.  Thanks everyone!

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