Saturday, October 13, 2007

Dinner, and a little planning

What a nice evening! Anita and her family, and an old friend with hers, came over for lasagne. A meal where I can sit and enjoy a visit instead of cooking. I don't have one of those kitchens where someone can have a glass of wine on the other side of the island while I finish cooking. When we say, "please don't help clear the table" after dinner, it's because there is no room left on the tiny counter for another thing.

Anyway, we are counting down! 11 days until Creativ! We won't be in Toronto in time for Mags Kandis' book launch, sadly, but we are set for some fun at the show! We're hoping you'll drop by and knit a square with us - or crochet one, or bring a donation. And stay for a chat.

Time to tuck some children into bed. They want to visit their webkinz first, now that they have seen the computer on.

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