Friday, October 19, 2007

Pie night and knitting

Another grey day with wierd weather. I sent the kids to school without raincoats. Maybe taking a minute to look out the window in the morning would help... especially since the leaves are hanging on pretty well this year. Our maple tree is still quite green and the birch tree is quite yellow.

I picked up some beautiful sweaters, hats and scarves this week from Yarn Forward. A big thank you to the knitters, including Madeleine! And thank you to Yarn Forward for continuing to be our drop off point here in Ottawa. We know there has been much more delivered than we ever thought!

We are very excited to be shifting gears and gathering for the Innu children and families now. We sent over 150 items to afghans for Afghans over the summer and through September. What an accomplishment! I mean, knitters are great people, but this really has passed my expectations. Again, it is too bad there isn't a way to show how these items feel - there are some lovely yarns here, and very well knit!

On a lighter note, it was pie night this week! The apples have been so great this fall, and now there are six pies in my freezer, six more at my partner in pie making's freezer, and one for a yet-to-be-scheduled girls night.

And, Creativ is just one week away! Yikes! Where did the time go?!! We are both looking forward to meeting more wonderful knitters, and seeing how many blankets we can put together at the show! Come and see us! We will have some beautiful Moda Dea Washable Merino to make into blankets at the show, and a spot for to sit and knit with us. Or crochet!

This is a rainbow we spotted from the window of the Wakefield Steam Train. It is was quite close to our friend Ron's house, so we are hoping the gold at the end of this rainbow will be his return to full health very soon. Here's to Ron!

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