Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Jeanine's Knitting and Peter's flying

We're heading to Creativ tomorrow and we're completely psyched! Its insane how excited we are about the whole thing. Don't forget, the show starts at the Metro Toronto Convention centre on Friday and ends on Sunday. Its huuuuuuge and very very fun if you're even vaguely crafty. If you're a hard-core knitter, beader, spinner, etc, you will lose your mind, guaranteed. So come! We're at booth #909 - Mags Kandis is right across from us, and she'll be signing copies of her books. Mention the blog so we know that you're reading.

Check out Jeanine Turcotte's mitten rainbow - very cool. She also made a bunch of hats and sweaters in a variety of sizes. Jeanine, we'll be sending the bigger sized items to Mongolia - Dulaan tells us that the larger items go to young adults or parents which helps the go to work and bring income into the family - everybody wins.

On another note, my buddy Peter took me flying on a two-seater last weekend. There's nothing like flying 3000 feet above Ottawa to make you say, "I love this city". Check out the pics of Peter and me (my lid got a bit crazy with all the wind), and the shot of the Gatineau escarpment by air. We also buzzed little Stevie van Harper on Parliament Hill. Only in Canada can you fly over our government in a Cessna and not get nailed by snipers. How lucky are we?

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