Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Boxes - They Don't Stop

Hey guys,

Every time I go to the post office, the workers there ask me what Warm Hands is. I'm considering telling them we're a cult. Why can't I freak out a postal worker, instead of it always being the other way around?
Okay, here are some pics. The stuff comes from lots of people, some who send in their stuff anonymously, and some who proudly display their names.

Our favorite sheep-lady, Jeanine, dropped off her stash of stuff, mucho stuff, including six hand-sewn baby quilts (sample above and below.

My former librarian, Daphne, went to town on the hats this year:

Then there is Kathleen of Bedford Nova Scotia, who I will now refer to as the sock lady. 18 warm knitted things - the box was bustin'

And what about Sheri of Liverpool, Nova Scotia. Um, can I ask what's the story with all of you prolific eastern knitters?

These mittens came from she who shall remain nameless (lady, if you're out there, please post a note so that I can enter you in the draw). I'll give you a hint, your box looked pregnant. If you tell me what colour it was, I'll know it was you!
Thanks to all, and I'll post more as they come in.
Anita and Amy

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