Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Les Chapeaux D'Alix

Here are some hats created by the lovely and talented Alix who knits out of Haley Waxberg's store, Knitomatic. My favorite is the green stripey one - I had to try it on - a perfect fit for my watermelon! Alix, you are in the draw nine-fold.
Here is a note from our sheep-lady Jeanine, who dropped off stuff earlier this month:
I have delivered a bag of knitted items at Yarn Forward on Bank Street this morning. They are for the Innu children. I will have another load for them before the Nov. 30th deadline. From Dec.to January I will knit for the Mongolians.
I have seen a 2-hour documentary on TV5, a French channel about Mongolia and a reality show on the same channel where participants had to travel through Mongolia with a Euro a day. What a challenge! The nomads are poor but willing to share. When they can't live on the steppe they move their yurt on the outskirts of the cities. These are the ones who really need help. I will be pleased to knit for them.

Also, here's a pattern called "Sell Your Sole" from the very cool Heather, a supporter from out West. She let us post it here because she knows that the socks and I do battle (I am at the toes on sock #2). Heather has been the Writer-in-Residence for the Banff Centre for the Arts 5 times running. Here's what her current work is about:
"identify and distinguish among four contemporary world views (positivist, interpretive, critical, and post-modern) and situate a range of contemporary theories (structuralism, new historicism, hermeneutics, critical theory, reception theory, feminist theory, Marxism, postcolonial and multicultural theory, postmodernism, etc) within those world views."
Damn, Heather, I was working on exactly the same thing. Thanks for letting me post your sock pattern anyway.
Stuff is coming in as the deadline approaches, and I can see the Ravellers are doing great - talk again soon,


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