Sunday, November 2, 2008

Thanks for the Recent Arrivals!

Ok, Hallowe'en is over, so I have no more excuses for not posting photos! My littlest model helped out here. The cold weather is arriving, and so is the knitting! Jeannine B, and others, we salute you and your generous hearts and talented fingers. The socks are georgeous! And, I love the blanket, the hats, the baby blankets. The brown hat is even lined with fabric for an extra layer and softness.
And our continued thanks to our drop off partners, Knit-knackers and Yarn Forward for their support and storage.
Say, does anyone out there know if Afaloss Lopi will get softer in time? I'm keeping the hand lotion close while I am knitting with it and hoping for the best with this hat I am working on.

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