Sunday, September 19, 2010

Claudette, Jeanine and Barbara

So I went to one of our yarn partners last weekend, and Gisele (of Wool 'n' Things) had a bunch of blankets for me. There were 18 blankets from Claudette! Claudette, not sure who you are exactly (post a comment so I know) but you are absolutely marvelous.

Okay, here are Jeannine's items. I put my favorite one in first. This blanket is gorgeous - its woven (Douce Aubergine's mommy is also an amazing weaver, as well as a knitter)

Two more knit blankets from J and a bevy of socks....

Barb heads up the Japanese arm of Warm Hands. Here are 3 lovely blankets she sent in. Barb, thanks so much for the extra yarn - we try to join all pairs of socks before we send them to the community.

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