Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Drachenwolle Mob

Check out these amazing pictures from the German gang. Germans, can you find your stuff?

Okay got a MASSIVE box last week and have finally opened it to reveal the treasures above. Much thanks to the following lovely ladies:
Christiane Schelling of Dusslinque
Eva of Postdam (cute turtleneck topper - very handy!
Silvia of Eggendorf (Austria)
Daniela Ronner of Ostereich
Liebe Gruibe of Austria (?) hope I got that right Liebe
Liebe Gruibe of Castrop-Rauxel Germany
Michaela of Rutensheim in Baden Wartembeg (check out her blog)
Jennifer from Soest
Juli from Stuttgart
Liebe Gruibe of Bietigheim Bissingen Moggel Moni (wait a minute, I'm seeing a trend with the Gruibes)
Juli of Stuttgart
Niniflix of Bavaria
Simone from Germany (girl your mini sock keychains are so cute)
Anna Nychelharpen
8-fach grope
Claudi of Berlin
Andrea from Osnabrueck
Sysabbe from Cologne
wolschaefchen and her sister
Karin of Osnabrueck
Audrun from Heidelberg
Andrea Rathing of Bad Munder
Kristin (Charrisha) from Nonnenhorn

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Anonymous said...

Gee! This is quite a heap - lots of warmth for the Innu kids. Thanks for the great idea, it was fun knitting for you. :-)

Best wishes, Simone