Monday, September 6, 2010

Jeanine and the Germans

Sounds like a band, doesn't it? Josie and the Pussycats/Jeanine and the Germans?
So the initial trickle of items coming in is turning into a small continuously flowing river. This week, items came in from Jeanine, the Germans and Barb of Japan.

Jeanine and Barb, I'll be putting your stuff in a separate post, 'cause it looks like this one is overflowing.

So here is the route for the German stuff: Germany-St-Georges-Ottawa-Montreal-Goosebay. Jeanine, who was one of the very first Warmhanders and has been a great cheerleader on Ravelry, picked up the stuff from Esther in Quebec and brought it to my place. Here is Aubergine's mommy herself. In her right hand are German socks, and in her left is a blanket she made herself:

Okay, you fabulous German sock superstars, the name of the game is "find your socks". Take a look at the pictures below and see if you can find the socks you sent in.
A million thank yous to the following:
Ute of Griefswald
Heike Sonntag
Claudia of Berlin
Jirgen Rischer
Daniela Ronner of Wien
Elizabeth Bak of Lohne
Andrea of Braunschweig
Ute of Augsburg
Silvia of Eggendorf
Jurgen of Lauf
Eva of Potsdam
Nattie from England (hey! our first Brit!)
Petra from Kastellaun
Jana of Zwichan
Jurgen Fischer
Petra Massing of nauheim
Andrea Rosel of Nattheim
Euridke of Essen (check out her blog)
Josi and Cindy from Hohenwarte
The "sun lady" from Nuremburg (you know who you are)
And last but not least, the rockin' sockin' Esther and her sister, of Drachenwolle fame, who found us and said, "Germans? Innu? I see the connection!"

To whoever sent in the toothbrushes, lipbalm and little girl hair items, thank you so much! These items will make a huge difference to a child.


Carlene said...

Everything looks so beautiful. WOW! I'm grinning from ear to ear after seeing all those lovely items sent from Germany. The Drachenwolle knitters ROCK!

Jenny said...

I would love to write a story on the knitting project. My email is if you'd be interested!

Silvia said...

For the sake of completeness I like to say that Silvia of Eggendorf (me :-))comes from Austria. We Austrians also support Innus :-)I think we are two or three, not sure. Thank you for this great idea and being part of your activity.

Mary deB said...

That is so impressive! Beautiful socks, especially!