Saturday, October 2, 2010

Hello Box #2 - good to see ya

Cute little box of buttons that will go in the shipment. Also thanks for the pencils and stickers, Germans, I have to tell you that these kids will never have seen stickies like those!

Here we go now:

Andrea from Osnabruck (loving the turtleneck covers - completely practical - these kids do a lot of ice fishing and these are perfect)
Judith of Osnabruck
Gudrum of Heidelberg (3 kids, 2 cats and 1 husband)
Karin from Osnabrueck (love the keychains)
Auke from Herreberg
Andria Rose Nattheim
Andrea us Baden Wurttemberg
Andrea of Osnabrueck
Ingrid from Germany (Ingrid if this is the same one who wrote the letter to the kids, thank you!
Ingrid from Ulringen
I will include it in the parcel - it will be amazing to see the map of where you all are)
Katharina Kurzwig of Bielefeld
Pia of Simmelsdorf
Susanne of Cologne
Alles Gute fur du Zukureft ( hope I got that right, lady who attached the ladybug)
Wollschaefchen and her sister
Daniela aka Lautaret Gross-Umotadt of Hessen
Christine of Braunschweig(check out her blog)
Nicole of Cologne ("Innu-vative" - cute!)
Claudia Petra of Poltringen
Unsel from the Palatina
vastramamma from Austria
Astrid of Wollreich
Aulxe of Harrenberg
Helena (I think) of Ludwigsburg
t.s. stoklossa

One of the Andreas made this one:

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Nicole/momo said...

Great, the last parcel arrived! Found my socks, the »innu-vative« ones. ;o)