Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Carlene, Suzanne and the Sorting Frenzy

Okay I am having trouble uploading all the fab pix from this week, so I'll show you what I've got so far and upload more later.

Carlene (carleneruns) and Suzanne (suzanneknitter) cam over this week along with Amy and we had a little fun. Okay, first is a picture of Amy admiring Suzanne's blanket made from squares (ladies, comment and correct me if I make any mistakes).

A couple of beautiful Carlene hats - love the colours.

Okay here is a patchwor blanket made of (Carlene is this right?) donated yarn.

and some of carlene's amazing many have you made for Innu kids, Carlene, like 500??

Suzanne admiring Carlene's handiwork

More Carlene blankies (photos don't do them justice)...

And more...

and my favorite is the fire coloured one at the top. Suzanne, I will try to post yours next!

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