Wednesday, October 6, 2010

It happened one night....

Okay so please check out the previous post because I had to break this one in 2 (too many pictures). This week, the ladies came over and we gawked at the piles of stuff everywhere in my house.

Here's Carlene modelling a Suzanne blanket:

Suzanne is the queen of assemblage. She attached a whole bunch of squares and this is what she got!

And I loooove this one because I think this is is a communal ravelry blanket (ladies feel free to post if I've got the blankets confused).

Carlene's pretty crochet (yep they are all Carlene's):

The ladies sorting like crazy - these are socks only - not sure where we're going to be eating thanksgiving dinner. Germans and other ravelers, can you see your stuff?

Blankets blankets blankets blankets. Haven't counted but the piles are unbelievable!

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