Wednesday, October 6, 2010

3 posts in one night - read the 2 prev please!

Okay, these socks are by Kalyle from Kagawong, Ontario. I feel like I know Kara because she's been with us since the start. Here's what she wrote: "Hope this can make the sept 30th shipment! As you can see I didn't get much done this year. However I didn't worry too much...because another woman in Quebec City where I was living learned of WH from a mention on my rav page and she went gangbusters - the infamous Esther and her German gals. Blown away by what they've contributed! This summer I moved back to ON...Manitoulin Island so we can be closer to home, with our little on (8 mo. old Cedar). I bought a knitting book at a local sale and look at what I found on page 15! (anita's note: its a picture of Innu kids learning to knit in the 1800's!). Included copies for both of you as an inspiration. Keep up the heart warming work!"

Kara you awesome thing, I love the name Cedar, first of all, and don't know how you found the time to make the socks and send us the beautiful note with an 8 month old, but thanks... here they are:

And here are some lovely socks by Shari Roy of Nova Scotia. Check out her blog here:

And finally, Stephanie Anderson of Ottawa dropped off a BUNCH of blankets at Yarn Forward this week, along with a note. The yarn she used is from Newfoundland. The orange one is my favorite:

And below are Amy and Suzanne holding up a map that the Germans sent us with the location of the items they have shipped. Thanks guys, these will be forwarded on.

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