Sunday, September 25, 2011

C'mon Carlene, it'll be fun to sew 2000 labels!

So here, Carlene arrives at my house at 6pm to drop off blankets.  I am very happy to say that we've got 40 machine washable boxed for the Rankin Inlet Daycares.  Now, our target is 67, so if anyone out there has some handwashable blankets ready, please fire them to us by September 30th, and we will be thrilled to include them in the shipment.

And here is Carlene's insane contribution of stuff.  The blankets almost block our windows, the pile is so high.  Also, I just start to say, "Carlene, how about you stay and we get a head start on the tag sewing for the hand wash stuff?". 

And here is a picture of my favorite Carlene creation.  I loooove the colours, and the blanket is huge. 

This contribution is from KaffeKaren for Rankin Inlet.

And these are from Jenny Two Hands - Carlene tells me that people like the circular blankets for strollers because nothing gets dragged on the ground. 

Jenny's hats and mittens

plus two great Jenny vests.

This one is from Bonnie Bélanger - very pretty beehive.

The picture above and all the pix below are from the Purple Sock Posse in Coldwater (thank you ladies!)

And here we are at 9:30 still sewing labels (thank you Amy and Carlene for a great evening!).  So we've got one more night of packing to go, I think (Jeanine and Suzanne, get your needles ready, 'cause we'll be sewing up a storm).  This time around boxes are going to Labrador, Moosonee, Gjoa Haven and Rankin Inlet.  To all of the knitters and crochetters who have put so much time, energy and love into the items that we have received, thank you for making this a great Warm Hands season.

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