Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We Made It!!

So Jeanine came knocking on my door with Jean-Claude and boxes, and bags.

She opened the box and SHAZAM!  13 blankets, all machine-washable for the Rankin Inlet Project.  Okay, so remember, there are 67 kids in daycare.  We had 44 in the last post, add in Jeanine's stuff and we get 57.

Jeanine calls this her kool-aid blanket.  She hand-dyed it and its sooo cute.
Trinny is admiring one of Jeanine's blankets.  We named it "fall colours".

Then we started open the additional bags she sent in.  Here are a series of Jeanine's hats.

And her mittens - my favorites are the light blue (azur? topaz?)

the socks are extra thick - great for long cold nights.  Right now we are talking about shipping these ones to Moosonee.

Jeanine made this sweaters for the Sheshatsuit campaign.  They asked for sweaters, and ms J delivers.

Awwwww duckies.  Can you not totally picture a baby loving this blanket?  It comes from Diane Suzak and is going to Rankin (okay so that is #58.  Will we make our blanket target?  Is the suspense killing you?).

Diane, thank you so much for the sweaters for the Sheshatsuit campaign!  Jeanine and I were talking about how this one is great for an older person, because its soft, and a cardie.

And even more sweaters from Diane.

My favorite from Diane.  I love the border on the bottom.

Frieda Pelletier from Chateauguay Quebec sent in these gems.

She also made the cutest labels for her socks.

And the mittens too.  Thank you so much Frieda and thank you for your sweet note!  

Still in suspense?  Okay so we also received an additional 4 blankets from the Royal Canadian Legion (thank you folks, please let me know if you are on ravelry so we can connect), and Fibre to the World, the fabulous group of AT and T knitters are sending 10 blankets directly to the community so that makes (drum roll please) 68 blankets.  Yay!  In addition (now I'm just bragging), we're expecting to get at least another 10 in from various shipments, plus Marie-Claude, plus Suzanne.  In my dream-world, we actually send extras to Rankin to accomodate the fact that new kiddies are arriving all the time.  PLUS we also send a critical mass of blankets for the program in Gjoa Haven.  I have no doubt now that we'll be able to do both!  Yay!

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