Sunday, September 30, 2012

Its rolling in now...

I got 3 packages in the mail this week, plus a giant garbage bag filled with stuff.  Carlene is coming over tonight so we can confab about the shipment, then off we go!

These hats and the vests below come from Bonnie Belanger (Panther on Ravelry) of Ottawa.  Thanks Bonnie, the hats and vests will be very appreciated!

These 9 hats came in an envelope simply labeled "Waterloo, Ontario".  I think these are a ravelry installment, but feel free to comment, and thank you!

Coldwater!  We love you and your hats!  This picture and the the three below represent all of the hats received from the Purple Sock.  I arranged them in a little game I like to call "find your hat".  Coldwater knitters, can you spot your hat?

And last but not least I got a giant garbage bag of stuff from Judy from Kingston (hats, mittens, socks, and vests).  Judy, I thought I'd have my daughter model samples of the mitties and slippers rather than undo your perfect packaging.  There must have been 50 pairs of the slippers which are just perfect.  My daughter's reaction: "So cozy.  Can we keep them?".  No we cannot, they have a long plane ride to go before they get on the next set of cold and appreciative tootsies.  Also, check out Judy's honeycomb mittens below - she knit at least 10 sets.  Again Judy thank you so much, I'm pretty sure you single-handedly contributed 100 items, and we're grateful!


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