Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saskatchewan, Maryland and Jodie and her Mom

Karen Zorn of Churchbridge Saskatchewan sent in these sockies.  Thanks for making them machine-washable Karen, and thanks for the cashola which will go towards the boots fund.

I loved the picture on the card - I have a family member who shall remain nameless who looks exactly like the card from Clauroni (hope I got that right) Delaney of Laurel, Maryland.  I love the nori neckwarmer.

These are from Jodie's mom of Ottawa.  Jodie's mom:  These 27 pairs of mittens were so perfectly wrapped, I didn't open them.  They'll go to the community exactly as is - thank you!

Question:  Are Jodie and Margaret the same person?  I got big boxes and I'm a bit confused.  I believe that these come from Margaret Bradford, of Ottawa, but they were dropped at my front door on the same day as I got Jodie's stuff.  Mystery to be solved...

And here is a closeup of my favorite Magaret Bradford hat, just because its so darn cheerful.  Thanks Margaret!

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