Sunday, September 30, 2012

So Carlene Came Over....

Carlene is here right now.  While she is madly crocheting (um, I think that she may actually build a whole blanket in one evening), I'm uploading pictures that we just took.

We got these adorable comfort dolls from JCL (Jackie Lambert of West Richmond, Washington).  Jackie, they will make it to Rankin Inlet, where the daycare kids will love them.

...and here are some more things that she made...

Carlene brought these sweaters from her friend Veronica (Veronica, the photo doesn't do them justice, but I am singing the Elvis Costello "Veronica" song to you right now, I hope that helps).
Carlene brought over this box.  It is huge and heavy, and filled with socks (72 of them) and other lovelies below!  The box came from Nandini Rajagopalan of Brooklyn.  

So here are some of the 72 socks...

And here are more of the 72 socks...

And yes, even more socks.  Nandini (ravename 20cffrog), thank you so much - looove the sizes.

Here are some crocheted sweaters that Nandini made - I put my favorite one on the top - you are going to make some little girls very happy!

and last but definitely not least, my sweet and gorgeous Carlene made these and the next pic.  She is my ravelry hero, and she can't see me typing right now but when she gets home she will read this and blush.

Love to all of you,


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