Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cape Dorset and You

Did everyone have a great summer?  Ottawa was cold then warm then rainy then hot then rainy but September is turning out to be mighty fine.

Spent my morning taking photos of all of the boxes and packages that knitters sent in last month.  Beautiful thick stuff - the irony of handling super warm woolies in 35 degree weather is not lost on me.

Here's the thing though:  today its 4 degrees in Cape Dorset.  And in 2 weeks, the high will be 0.  Why am I talking about the weather in Cape Dorset?  Because some of your lovely stuff is going to wind up there in October!  One of the ENT's is going up in October and we're going to be sending a box of your warm wonders with him - Carlene and company will be coming over to box - we've got 210 pounds to Iqualuit as well, and this time, I plan on stuffing it to the max.

The doctor boxes are flying up this Monday, and after that, we'll take a look at our remaining treasures and budget/plan for the rest of the fall, over pizza and white wine - its all good!

Lois Manton of Manton's Mittens sent us 50 (!) pairs of mittens.  My photo does not do them justice at all but I love them all.  My favourites are the little yellow ones.

Jackie Lambert of West Rockland, Washington sent us in these socks, hat and a pair of mittens.  Jackie's been with us forever - can't remember a shipment without her stuff in it.

Same goes for Karen Zorn of Bradenbury, SK.  These cute sweaters are lovely, but the one that is sheer adorability is the onesie, below - check it out...

Then Karen did some socks and mittens to keep it interesting...

And I can totally visualize this on a 2 year old boy - its a "big boy sweater".

The Purple Sock in Coldwater, ON, do some knit-alongs, and we are the lucky recipients - here are some hats that they contributed, along with the swather below - check out the colours.

Peggy Wallace (DoctorPeg on Ravelry sent us so much stuff!  The hats are super cute and the neck-warmers are truly appreciated...

Along with this cute shawl with tons of glitter though you aren't getting a lot of the glitter in this pic.  Trust me, its cute, and I do love me some glitter - always appropriate!

Margaret Bradford of Ottawa dropped off some stuff at my place last week - Margaret, it was lovely to meet you in person!

Thought this hat colour combo was super-cute so I did a closeup...

…and finally a closeup of Margaret's stripy blanket - thanks Margaret, I love it!

Jeanine we will miss you this Friday - but thank you so much for dropping off the pile of stuff - its beautiful!

Close up of Jeanine (DouceAubergine)'s socks for the hunters.

and finally some beautiful christmas blankets.  Thanks Jeanine, as usual, you are wonderful!

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