Saturday, September 13, 2014

Like a Well-Oiled Pizza Eating Machine


This was packing and shipping weekend.  Thanks to you we will be shipping about 300 pounds this time - the reason the amount seems lower than in the past, is that we now ship at least 4 times per year, instead of just in January and September - we have more connections with communities and shippers now, so we work at getting your gorgeous stuff out the door as soon as possible.

Here is a picture of packed boxes - you're not even seeing the mountains behind the walls.  Basically, we sent 3 boxes, about 200 pounds, to Iqualuit via the lovely doctors.

We created 2 more boxes for another doctor to take with her to Iqualuit - Rhoda will then drive down from Igloolik to pick up the boxes and take them back with her.

We also created a smaller "test box" filled with your stuff to go via Canada North Cargo directly to Igloolik.  If that works, then we'll use it for the January shipment, or earlier if there is enough stuff.

Cape Dorset only needs to be ready the first week in October, so I'm just hoping that new stuff comes in because once again the cupboards are bare - that is a great position to be in, because it means that we are meeting a huge demand, and that your inventory is cycling through my place very quickly!

Here is a picture of the cake we ate as our reward.

Here is a picture of Suzanne, Claire, Carlene and I eating cake and laughing planning the next shipment.

Of course there were many things photographed as well - some came in at the last minute (yay!) some came in via Suzanne and Carlene.

Just a quick note about Yard Forward, folks:  they also collect for the snowsuit fund, so if you drop off there, would you mind please attaching a bit sheet of paper stapled to the bag that says "Warm Hands Network"?  Otherwise it just goes into their general pile which is what I suspect may have happened with a couple of items.

Another note:  we got a message back from Rhoda in Igloolik - it sounds like the orphans (real and metaphorical) in her community are short on warm winter clothing - I am trying to get some information so that I can post, and we can figure out what to do specifically for these kids.  As soon as I find out, I will be sure to post on it.  They sound like great little guys, who are having a hard time.  I feel a special project coming on.

So here is the stuff:

These mittens and socks were contributed by Constant Mac (Marlene).  I have to say that the top mittens make me feel very Canadian. 

These are also from Marlene, but the Balakava's are from Aunt Betty - thanks to both Marlene and Aunt Betty (and Marlene, thanks for the donation, it will help defray the cost of shipping this year!).

Hats hats hats.  The colours are magnificent - bright and cheerful  They come from Ailie Penny (penny on rav) of Burlington.  Ailie I don't remember seeing your name before - if you're a newbie, welcome and thank you - your stuff is perfect!).

And this is Trinity who was being a giant pain in the rear-end throughout the photog session.  The packers told me she is getting fat.  I would agree that she is a slightly big-boned cheese-lover.  But then, so am I.

These slippers and the hat come from Tracy/lingfing.  Thank you - your items have gone to Iqualuit.

Mary Liechty of Goshen, Tennessee sent these sweaters and the hat in.  Mary, you win: we've never received anything from Tennessee before.

Of course the lovely Nandini of Brooklyn sent us 28 (yes 28!) vests - Nandini they are great and will keep some kids and elders very warm.

Carlene and I rolled the vests here and below for display purposes - also check out Jody the bear who is going to make a little one very happy.

These squares were all donated from the Ravelry group + Claire (see picture above) then assembled by sweet Carlene.  Yay, team effort!

This blanket is the "Claire blanket" made with her beautiful contributions.  Claire, next time you come over, bring the bagpipes.

This "big square" afghan comes from Carlene.  Thanks always to my partner in crime.

Claudette is so prolific, even though she is having trouble knitting due to hand/arm pain.   Claudette, I can't begin to tell you how much we appreciate and love your stuff.  Thank you thank you thank you!  The pictures below are all from sweet Claudette.  Your contributions are dear, along with the tiny tag you attach to each one.

I don't know how to tell you all how much you have enriched not only my life but the life of some forgotten kids.  From the bottom of my heart, Warmhanders, thank you for helping the invisible kids of Canada.



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