Tuesday, September 23, 2014

WarmHands with Igloolik

Hi everyone, before I start showing you the most recent pictures from contributors, I wanted to tell you about our most recent project.  I'm putting out the word on the interweb in the hopes that you may be able to help.

I spoke with Rhoda, an Inuit woman currently living in Igloolik.  She is an amazing "doer" who returned to Igloolik about one year ago to undertake a oral history project.  She has become very involved with several orphans living in the community - they are sweet kids who (some recently) have lost parents/grand-parents/caregivers and are doing their best to find their way in the world.  She talked about over-crowding in homes that have taken in these kids, the lack of shelters and safe houses, and the need for these kids to feel a bit of affection - she tries her best to track their birthdays and put aside a little hat or something small from our shipment so that they receive a gift.  Rhoda's real focus is on getting these kids some warm clothing and also it would be nice if they had something for Christmas.  She is currently trying to find donations of fur to make the kids fur liners for their boots as it is the only think that will keep them warm enough.

I know you WarmHanders are crazy industrious so Rhoda and I schemed and came up with 2 ideas:

1. Could we create a little gift-wrapped item for each of these kids?  Here are the details:

Claim your item by using the string on our revelry group called "WarmHands with Igloolik".  The post will list the names, ages, sizes.  If you put your name as the "Rav Santa" beside the item, and tag it with the child's name when you send it to us, we will wrap it and get it to Rhoda, hopefully by Christmas.  The drop-off date is November 10th.  As an FYI, if you're not on Ravelry, email me with the type of item you'd like to provide and we'll find the right child for you.

2. Could we do one other thing:  winter is long in Igloolik (the ponds are already frozen, it will be dark all the time in December and January, and snow will only leave in July).  These particular kids would be thrilled to get either a Christmas/Happy Holiday card and/or a Valentines Day card.  The challenge again is timing, so the deadline for the Christmas cards is November 10th as well.  Here's what I'm suggesting:  these kids for the most part don't read and write in English but they can read their names, and Rhoda is there to help out.  Her idea was to ask folks to send in a card with a kid-friendly picture on it, and in the card, simply write "To" - child's name, "From" - your name (City/country) you are from.  What better, simpler way to say to a little kid who has lost a parent or feels alone "I see you, you matter, I and my family wish you well".  Rhoda feels that these little guys will be thrilled by something like that and your cards will become a keepsake - I know the deadline is short, so if Christmas cards aren't in the store, a little coloured paper and some glitter goes a long way.

Do you think we can do that?  Again the names are the same ones that are on the Ravelry site - no need to "claim" a kid - if we get 10 cards for one child, we'll send them 10.

So here we go with the latest items sent in:

This is a very funky star-shaped blanket from Maddy Rosamond of Waterloo, Ontario.  Thanks, Maddy!

Maddy also sent in the blanket above and the hats below - super cute!

These hats and sweaters (and the hats below) come from M Riccotone of St Creek, Ontario.  Thank you very much - sweaters are always great to receive.

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